Question after question

Alright so today i had a guidance appointment at school and i was talking to a counselor and she was saying some things that confused me. I’m deciding if i want to go to college or university for ID and in Canada apparently theres a big difference. She said college gives you the more “artsy” side of ID and university gives you the drafting side. those were the words that came out of her mount and completely made me go “what?”. The college I’m looking in to is OCAD and she was talking about Carleton university. now if i could get any advice or clarification’s of what shes trying to say that would be great, Thanks a lot everyone!!!

I am not an expert by any means on school and even less on Canadian school but I have a feeling the you guidance counselor knows as much about ID as she does about nuclear physics. You are going to have to do the research here. Ask yourself what you want to get out of school and what is important to you. Then look at these schools and see if they suite your needs.

i could get into it with some more feedback (I went to Carleton), but to start with I would suggest you do some searching on the forums here as I know some of this has already been covered.

There are some differences in the education between a College or more arts based program and a BID program, but I dont think they are as big as your guidance counsellor has in mind.

Read up on all the previous posts about the schools here, and then you may have some more focused question which I’m sure could be better answered. You may also want to check out/search for Humber which also has a sort of ID program and has been discussed in some of the same threads as the Carleton and OCAD programs.

Also, a good idea is to check out the coroflot portfolios from grads/students of all the programs you are interested in and make up your own mind as to the skills/focus of the education.


this post was awhile ago… but I’m just going to reply…

OCAD is actually a university, and has been offering bachelor derees (in both fine art and design) for awhile now.

To clarify the type of institute they are, they’re changing their name to OCADU (U standing for university)