Hypershot 1.5 and new 1.7?

I heard Hypershot HD is not a floating license and you can’t install it on another computer. Don’t know if this is true?

I tried installing Hypershot 1.7 over 1.5 and it said 1.5 needs to be deleted first.

Then I had an idea…

Do you know if the Hypershot 1.5 running on one computer can be preserved while loading the new 1.7 on another computer so you end up with one computer that runs 1.5 and another with 1.7? Then you effectively get 2 machines running Hypershot with one license?

Anyone know if this would work? If so I may get another computer so I can have one on a desktop and one on a laptop.

It sucks that it isn’t floating like other software. It’s a real drag to be stuck with running it on one machine and not be able to take it to another.

Yeah all the HS lics are locked to your hardware ID. Your idea sounds like it may work though. I’d be curious about backward compatibility too. Did you catch the webinar, some nice tweaks in 1.7, Pro especially.

Can someone with 2 computers try my idea out?

I want to see if it would work before investing in another computer.

Yeah the new one has some nicer feature sets. =)