I need opinions on new rendering software

Hey all,

I’m currently using Alias Image Studio, which isn’t even made anymore. I like that its quick and easy, but I don’t like how limited it is. I model in Pro/E, but I don’t much care for the Advanced Render add on. Any suggestions for beautiful renders that don’t take all day to create?

I would prefer not to pay for a modeling-heavy piece of software since I already have Pro/E.


hypershot works great and is only a couple hundred dollars just export the files as stp a drag the material on to the model. its simple

I just went through this research for my company. We also use ProE and I decided that Hypershot was most bang for the buck. It has a real simple interface. The only difference between the different versions is primarily output resolution of a rendered image. The controls are a little backward at first if you are used to using ProE alot. But they seemed easy to get use to.

Hypershot or check out Autodesk Showcase.

Awesome. Thanks!


you might also want to have a look at http://randomcontrol.com/ . almost brand new, modern maths core, simpler to use than maxwell, better image quality than hypershot, low price…

V-ray is what we have been looking at this month at design engine.

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We’ve been using Hypershot for a few months now and are really happy with it…simple setup and good output!

how does it handle decals? can a decal be placed over tangent lines?

I must be out of the loop. Imagestudio isn’t being made anymore? At school I’m using the 2008 version right now - is this the last year it will be sold?

Hypershot doesn’t do decals yet. We have Hypershot Pro and no decals has been a real limitation for the work we do. We are hoping that it is part of Hypershot 2. It is very interesting software but there are many aspects that are very odd compared to other rendering software – odd nomenclature, poor documentation, etc – I would call it “almost ready for prime-time”.

I just watched a webinar earlier this week where they demo’d some limited decal functionality with the “general” material setting. (In the current version) It also sounded like they were working on making decals functional for all materials for future versions.

I would say that’s the biggest drawback at this point. Once they work out the decal functionality I think it will be useful rendering tool. I was exploring the trial version for the first time yesterday and got some pretty good renders out of it in about 30 minutes. Pretty amazing, really.

I couldn’t agree more. Just tested HyperShot 1.5 in the Mac’s PC mode (bootcamp). A few minutes shape generation in Mathematica. A few minutes radiussing, copying, moving and rotating in AliasStudio, .igs-file export. A few minutes fiddling with HyperShot incl. rendering. Very simple, ok result, especially the realtime rendering while choosing a nice view and lens. Bunkspeed says, that exact logo and bump mapping is on its way. That was the nice thing about the good old AliasStudio renderer - no thinking was required, just good ol’ numbers :wink:

I had a Bunkspeed rep trying to sell me hard on hypershot after I very specifically pointed out that the ability to do complex textures, transparency maps, and label graphics is essential for my line of work. He tried very hard to show me tips and tricks to decaling but in the end flat out said “this isn’t the right tool…but you can use Hyper Drive which is more expensive and has additional features even though many of them are still in development”.

I think real time rendering is becoming the way of the future, but it’s still got some ways to go.

I am quite loyal to Alias Studio’s built in hardware shade - there is a lot of power there but the interface is so cumbersome it’d take most people a year to figure it out + the requirement for a Quadro card. I still haven’t had a chance to test out showcase to see how it compares to Hypershot.

Thanks again. I downloaded the trial version of Hypershot and I found it to be way too limited. I especially dont like the fact that I can’t grab individual surfaces. No bump maps and decals won’t cut it.

Modo has a fast renderer, but you still have to learn to navigate that software.

I really like the fryrender program. Especially the physical light properties. However they do not make the plug-in for Pro/E. They said they will not be developing it either. BUMMER.

With Maxwell you can export your geometry from Pro E and set it up in their rendering studio.

Pro E is about as rendering friendly as Autocad. I always take my Pro E database and export it to Alias or Rhino to convert it to something nicely tesselated and renderable.