So hypershot is dead....

Read about it all here:


“Hypershot is no longer. Luxion, developers of the render engine behind Hypershot, has pulled it’s render engine from Bunkspeed who are now using Mental images’ iRay solution. Both Luxion (Keyshot) and Bunkspeed (Shot, I believe) are going to provide software to fill the gap left by Hypershot.”

So now, instead of Hypershot, which was easy to use and used Luxion’s rendering engine, Bunkspeed has “SHOT”. “SHOT” uses Mental Images iRay rendering technology.

Luxion, basically made their version of hypershot, with different icons, and it uses the old hypershot rendering engine.

Which is better? Who knows. I’m currently using Hypershot 1.9, and it works great. It’ll be interesting to see two almost identical products compete, but I’m a bit sad since I’ve been a hypershot user/fanboi since it’s inception.

There are a couple posts about this. Luxion has already released Keyshot which is almost 100% what Hypershop was.
Bunkspeed will release “shot” sometime this year.

It’s backwards, shot is < hypershot. Like Cube and HyperCube.

Nope. It’s not dead. You can read some of the latest news here:

Can’t wait to get my hands on the new “Shot”.

I use Hypershot, and am very happy with it, but browsing around this prog came to my attention, and it looks like a killer, although still beta, and it needs a CUDA compatible card, which my QuadroFX4500 is not apparently.

hope someday every render app would be compatible with kind of nvidia tesla technology / Ati Fire Stream… that would be amazing…