I am absolutely not in doubt of this guy’s design chops and shelf of hits, but I find their business value proposition curious. By cutting out any analog-to-digital, physical-to-virtual, they work faster and better, and this is due to their combined years of expertise in the industry, doing analog and physical things.

My process is all about a series of prototypes of increasing resolution. Perhaps this kind of work doesn’t really need a physical artifact to react to? Maybe they are VR wizards?


One of my friends worked really closely with him in the Genesis studio in Germany and said he did tend to work really fast and build a lot of sketch CAD along the way that tended to be really well proportioned. Seems very counter to the traditional auto process that has a lot of scale and then full scale mock-ups but the guy has a great track record and went from doing it at big companies to working at the boutique level with Koenigsegg.

The auto process is really long. In my experience the consumer product design process is usually 12-24 months. Medical about double understandably…. I feel like you wouldn’t really want to rush a car but we did Arc in like 13 months from kickoff to first boat on the water. Probably more like 24 until first customer boats were delivered.

Yeah he quite obviously has a highly capable intuition of form and proportion. And not that its easy at all… but maybe since the product architecture will fall into one of X number of categories, and that automotive exterior design, for all its glamour and attention, has almost nothing to do with human usability, the experience and intuition will be enough.

Judging from the logos under their bios it looks like the squad has been working together a long time which probably helps too:


also this interview is interesting: