Sketch exploration.

A series of concepts I just wrapped up for East Coast Design and Build Firm, GAC.

Is your linework by hand? Rendering looks like photoshop. Just wondering if you scan and color or do computer sketching like I think Alias has. Looks good.

I sketch right into photoshop, layer masking and transparancy locks work similar to the masks in SketchBook pro. Get a good wacom and the airbrush acessory and your good as gold. Spend at least 1 hour a day sketching and you will soon rock on it.

I sketch’em by hand, I know the old way. I also lay all the black in with a sharpy (oh yeah)

I scan it in and delete the white. Render it useless in photoshop with a tablet.

That’s what I figured. Keeping up with the freelance I see, they not keeping you busy over there?!

dude, I am over busy over here, 6 shoes that I’m supposed to do + 1 for the Jordan group on the side.

I just love design. Sides- extra doe for doing something I love anyway, it’s hardly work. Though don’t tell my wife.

dude, total ripoffs! look like the concepts I saw today at the GM presentation!


Did you drive the new corvette?, not too bad…

You are very talented. How did you get into Nike- did Jordan meet with you to design the shoes? Also, how come you are not pursuing car design?

Very funny CD. I did drive the Vette Today, and the GTO, the CTS V, XLR, SSR, STS, Saab 9-2 and Saab 9-3… I got there early. Very impressed with the Vette, GTO, SSR, and CTS V, but the XLR and STS where way to squishy, the 9-2 was a total joke, felt really underpowered and tinny, the Subaru running gear felt cheap, anf the key wasn’t even in the center… ahh only @ Nike. I also got an earful about the hydrogen fuel cell prototype they brought.

Why have I not pursued a job in trans, for multiple reasons it just never happened. I have a love for design in general, a respect for creativity in all forms, and a desire to raise the bar on whatever I work on, I think this translated as not having ‘gasoline in my veins’. On the other side, designing shoes is fun, you get to get a whole lot of product out into the world (10-20 shoes a year) and by doing trans for fun and freelance, I get to keep it pure. I might be rationalizing here.

I guess you never have to buy your clothes and shoes then?Also, in the old days, Nike used to design shoes with the top front end (when looking over your shoes- the leather part) with an “m” shape like the Air Max from 4-5 years ago. Instead of just nothing on the shoe. Are you going to be incorporating that “m” leather thing in some of the new designs? It looks good and classic. Thanks

Are Air Jordans still being developed in Taiwan?

I know they used to be made in Taiwan, then shifted to China, but heard that a Taiwanese company still does the bulk of the development.

go to Foot Locker and see the label

looks great… some of the best car renderings I have ever seen. I hope they pay you a fortune for those designs.

It’s nice to see some skill like this once in a while.

GAC allows you to show concepts like this?

They are for a press release, so in that case, yes. But production work is onthe DL of course. These will be on their website in a ‘concept’ gallery this week sometime.

It’s a great little company with a nice facility in New York, that is planning on going public soon. But while it’s still small and I’m friends with the owner, we have some fun doing little projects like this. He’s a great guy who is super talented and has a passion for cars.

very nice!!

Looks like someone should post a tutorial :wink:
a real quick one, c’mon for the comunity.

Thank you, great work.

Sounds good if you are interested.

I do products all of the time (freelance) in the same emotive style: phones, consumer electronics, housewares ect.

If core77 would be intrested in hosting a little tutorial page I could wip a few up. Perhaps a quick skech exploration demo, and a finished presentation concept sketch. I’ve done similar demos in person at RISD, CCAD, and the Portland Institute of Art. What do you say guys?

For me I think of it this way, everyone has ideas, the thing we can do is come up with GOOD ideas consistantly and visualize them. A good visual of a good idea is a lethal combo for a designer to have.

Yo - it would be really useful / interesting to see a step by step tutorial.

In the mean time can you let on how long they took you to do - both the final concept drawings and prior dev work?[/quote]

You must drew them really big then scan them in. Do you have a big size scanner?