total revamp

I’ve totally revamped my portfolio following many of your comments, hope you think I am on the right track now, but healthy critisism is still welcomed.

check it out at

thank to one and all.

The image of the reflection of the rower seams more unsettling than I recall. It is too clear unless the ground plane is a very nice mirror, and the background image/sky would be reflected. The background anf the reflection are fighting each other. The sketch images on the snow blower could be a little larger. Looking better, keep it up.

Okay IDiot, i hear what you are sayin. but firstly I am not a cad modeller, 2ndly if i put the refection in the floor it will make the rower and background blend as one image, not something i want to happen. The main point of this image is not to show off the project despite what i know you will think. Its primary function is to grab attention and to keep it, and on that note, ill add that it got me a job today. I don’t mean to be bitchy and i do value your response. Everyone seems to give me flack about this particular image and i probablty should listen, but some things are always going to be contoversial to general opinion. As for all the other images i have worked hard to follow peoples advice and yours about the sketches being bigger is one that i am going to take. Thanks again

come on guys, you have opinions lets hear them, 1 reply out of 100 views is pretty weak, even a slatting is better than nothing.


kill the Market profile for Ford SUV concept page

your rower model looks a bit overdone…your sketches are probley far better going from your car ones.

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