Feedback on Latest Projects (AUDI Quattro, Mitsubishi Autopilot, Mazda Kodo_Electrified)

Hi everyone, I have recently started putting together a portfolio for transportation design. I have just finished my most recent project now, and uploaded it along with two other new projects.
I am looking to bolster my portfolio even more and add more content to it in the future. I would be very happy if you can check my work, and give me your feedback on what I can improve myself on, and what is lacking from the portfolio. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

AUDI Quattro_E-tron Concept
Full Work : Behance
Mitsubishi Autopilot
Full Work : Behance
Mazda Kodo_Electrified
Full Work : Behance

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Hi Alireza,

I am not an automotive designer in the first place, although I have dabbled in it a bit.
So I can keep it short.

This is among the best conceptual work Iโ€™ve seen recently.
Your form development and visualization skills are evidently brilliant.
I love how you add a bit of life to the otherwise lifeless renderings - with accessories, dynamic lighting, even the teddybear. So keep that up.
I think you can work on implementing brand DNA - defining a clear set of internal rules for the design to follow. The Audi designs are great - just, not for an Audi. A little bit toned down and I see more VW in it.

Also, itโ€™s an ongoing skill to visualize what the design will look like 1:1 and in 3D - because sketches can be deceiving. Especially for some of your front proposals. Some of them also seem to disregard aerodynamics a bit too much. Your rear designs are amazing one by one.

The coupe design shown on that pixel LED background is amazing, itโ€™s just not Audi, more an entirely new design language for some spin-off brand โ€ฆ
On the other hand, your Mazda designs are 100% fit to the brand, I can just imagine it on the road like that. So you do have it all in you.
Would be interesting to take some more direct feedback from future drivers along in projects, see what they say.

Alireeza, first of all, amazing visualization of the concepts. My first impression of the light weight Audi concept with pronounced aero body work and Carbon splitters this feels more like a Lotus. For me I think for a concept to connect with the unconscious collective mind of the consumers a brand needs either invent its expertise right out fo the gates, or for Legacy brands to leverage some DNA from its past for a particular purpose. Lotus would be completely believable for this expression in my opinion. Having said that, if this was a brief from Audi to explore an efficient electric sports car I would look to integrate aero into the body to achieve a balance of performance and restrained luxury. Again, this is a totally awesome and evocative concept but the badge is not as believable at first glance.

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Great perspective on brand fit @FoundryCollaborative