My automotive design works

I would love to hear what you find is your favorite of my works and why.

and why not pick out the least favorite of my works on my site and explain why.

I use Rhino3d to modeling and 3dstudio Max and Brazil for rendering.


I like the Zion and the Rex800. Why? Well I think the styling on those 2 vehicles is the best. They’re curvacious, but also have hardlines making them look aggressive. The 800 is more muscular looking in the front end than the rear, maybe the front is a bit too much, striking a balance there might make it even better. The other concepts are great also, but I noticed that many of the designs feature alot of, well, features, as in too many surface details for my liking. I guess I imagine these vehicles cruising by at 80mph+ and you wouldn’t typically be able to digest all the details at that speed, there also might be drag issues, i dunno. Awesome stuff :slight_smile:

Thanks Greenman I how how it takes time to do a critique. really interesting to hear your favorrites, I think both of those 2 cars were the end peak of my evolution of trying different styles, each car you mentioned I used the same thought process on. Now overall the things I don’t like about the original Zion concept and Rex800 are the surface curveature in areas around the glass.

But I have gotten allot of the same comments about the front of the Rex800. I would think if I tried to redo it I would start the model off a different way and maybe rework the font lower section to be less cut up.

the Later model of the Zion, the Garra were a bit of a change but I think made the car more crisp overall, where the original Zion had some really loose glass areas.

Thanks a bunch, its great to hear some outside opinions on this stuff, beacuse I’m always picking mystuff appart till the end where I run out of motivation to do a new variation. I think this might be the year where I should go back and try doing the old stuff with a new technique.

This place seems to be really cool, I hope to come by more often. I feel I’m still very green compared to all the schooled ID guys. But I hope to figure it all out on my own time. :slight_smile:

I said it in my email but I’ll put it here for the props value:

Wyatt. Really nice stuff man. The site is well laid out the models are well surfaced. I can see how your sense of scale and proportion progressed with each successive model. The sketching needs work. I would hammer on this a bit, get some gnomon videos or whatever and just put some hours behind it.

Great work dude.

hi wyatt

your site’s been renewed! looks better.

i think the best way to rework your design would probably be to develop a market approach mixed with adventurism you favor. that way you could keep your original concept but improve on the product side of design. you should get away from detail and concentrate on creating forms that are simple looking yet structurally and characteristically more unique than what’s currently available or presented in shows as either high-end, innovative, or concept.

how’s the baby btw?

hey guys thanks for the kind suggestions, Ive been practing allot with my sketching. More so I would like to get a better understanging of useing color to shape the car, My usual method behind it is a little more chaotic, I used to draw comic book art few years back, but nothing really grew from that stuff.

I like things to be quick, when sketching, and well it usually doesn’t work for me so, I must take more care with things like wheels and such. The stuff I’m doing right now are not something I can show at this point.

I will try that ufo, more surface features than say vents and intakes and such, I got some ideas on a nice method for wheel arches that should flow nicely, almost like the Nissan Z. Looks like many people are liking that new site layout. thanks. And well baby Jayda is now 1 and the big car freek Trysten is now 3. My wife’s first kid (Eryka) is now 9… my wifes name is Jyll… you see the pattern yet? lol

great stuff.
all of the car modeling/renderings look pretty perfect to me
about the site though. I like it simple like that but the pop ups for each designs could be cropped and shown in asmall pop up window instead of a whole new window. may be you could fix that up a little
if you used dreamweaver, you can download some extensions to clean them up.

your site is now on my favorites list- I could use some of your tutorials… thanks.

HAGI, thanks man, well I understand what you mean about the smaller pop up, yeah I use dreamweaver. Not sure what an extension is… But I’ll give it a thought and looking into that extension stuff. :slight_smile: