Facebook stuff

There is a post on the Core blog about Facebook that reminded me of a radio piece I heard last week. It’s the episode from 6 March 2009.

Anyways, in the CBC piece, they talk to a journalist that added up to 1,000 or 2,000 friends on Facebook. He then threw a party inviting everyone that wasn’t a friend in real life. Of the hundreds of invitees only one person showed up.

Also, there was a recent study by the Economist that found people don’t really interact with more than 20 of their Facebook friends, no matter how many their total is. Now I don’t feel so bad about my 35 Facebook friends!


I wish I could find a link, but I remember reading some prominent blog post about Facebook. Something to the effect of “Hey, remember me? I never said more than 10 words to you in High School… let’s be Facebook friends!”

I interact with 4 people on my facebook page, and never through facebook. I just don’t care who is upset that their kid isn’t potty trained yet.

I kind of like it when someone adds me and I find out they’re now overweight and have children.

It makes me feel better about my life. :laughing:

you hit the nail o the head with that one :stuck_out_tongue: , that accounts for the reasoning behind most peoples friends i would say. some are actually 2.real life friends and the others are 3. not real friends but people who you may want something from in the future. thats my view at least! although i do try to keep some integrity to my friends list, so ill have people from category 2 and 3, but i try to avoid 1. haha.

That and to see if girls you remember in high school as being very attractive, are still very attractive. Usually they aren’t. But, its nice to see when they are.

haha yea… had a couple of them really let me down, i actually got kinda sad when i saw some of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

seeing that an ex has put on weight and got a bad haircut - brilliant for cheering me up when getting stressed at work

I’ve been seriously considering Facebook suicide.

Closing an account is nothing to joke about. Just remember, all your photos will be saved.

I quietly defriended someone the other day. Oh…the excitement! Don’t worry IP, it wasn’t you!

I see. Perhaps I’ll just go on a defriending killing spree. :wink:

I’ve had some discussions about the social ramafications of being “De-friended”.

It basically means someone has to resent you so much (usually an ex-girlfriend) that they actually take the time to remove you, rather then just leaving you sit with their thousands of other “aquantinces”.

I’ve had it happen once. Harsh. :laughing:

Sort of the ancient Epyptian equivalent of your “being” being obliterated for eternity. … .?

Kinda makes me want to open a Facebook account so I can close it.

Well the other reason is that they don’t want you to be able to see what they say and who they talk to (possibly talking about YOU or dating your best friend now!) It’s the only way to stay anonymous so you defriend them so they can’t still eavesdrop on your online life.

This is funny. I had an Ex banish me to the gulag of facebook, but she is friends with a great many of my friends… and my sister. Facebook fail.

Oh, I am good friends with a great many of my Facebook friends and see them often. I guess I am an anomaly in the numbers.

There are privacy settings so you can remain friends with people, but they can only see what you want them to see. I use that for my family and a few choice people, also an ex-gf or two.

Be wary of your privacy settings if you’re in the job market. My brother told me his boss has asked him to bring up the facebook pages of people he is networked with if they apply or have an interview.

You mean I shouldn’t apply for a job with that picture of me and the beer bong as my profile picture? :wink:

Yeah, people disclose too much info on Facebook and then wonder why it comes back to bite them.

My favorite are the kids in high school that post pics of themselves smoking weed and bonging beers (or weed) and are mad when they get busted for it, or kicked of the varsity football team.


has anyone actually quit facebook? I’m quite keen to get off it, but i don’t want to lose touch with friends made overseas. Some of my friends from here (home) have ragequit facebook, and i’m tempted to join them. I’m starting to hate it.

I have like 450 friends, but i just spend so much time on there, it’s really changing my view of the world and affecting my life.

I think I broke 40 friends now. Wow.

I still like it. Every so often, I want to contact a friend, but don’t remember their email. It’s great as a directory. It’s too bad that it doesn’t translate to as much real world interaction though.