Linkedin trash...

Is anyone else starting to get piles of SPAM from Linkedin?

YES. You should check your settings though, I think you can turn almost all of the spam off. Unless you don’t have an account…:confused:

Yes, and I don’t want to join 11 of my friends in using the new LinkedIn phone app…

Getting seriously annoyed by these. Tried to uncheck every kind of notification, but it keeps coming…

I’ve left almost every group I’ve joined on linked in. Nothing but garbage. “Hi, I’m some crappy factory from India…I am an out of work freelancer, give me a job…hi, look at our brand, we made a tweet…”

Even the Core77 group is full of junk. There is one guy there who posts 10 links a day for his stupid toy company and I keep flagging him as spam just for the fun of it.


There was a really great thread running in a Mechanical Engineering Design Group. A lady posted the rather ambiguous near-sentence:

I am currently looking for a Mechanical Engineer Position for my consultant?

For 5 months people responded to this:

I am intrusted in part time job or contract base job for Mechanical Design job.
Pl contact if you have something for me.


I have done MS in mechanical engineering at Linkoping university, SWEDEN specialization in Design, had totally 1.4 years of experience. for more information you can visit my profile.

Thanking you


hello just give me the details of the job in my mail id

and my personal favorite,

On what field Madam?

Nothing more has happened since someone (not the original poster) finally wrote:

Are you people kidding here? Don’t you see that this post was 4 month ago?
It’s a fake job!

It was irritating for a while, then it was funny, then it was irritating again, and now, looking back, it is funny again.

Yeah. For a while I thought LinkedIn might be useful. Now it’s just stupid. I’m on it, just to be on it, but I don’t get anything out of it.

Discussions are garbage, as are the “Groups”

Well, I can truthfully say that the first item of any real significance turned up on Li this morning.

A job posting; Manager of Industrial Design and Innovation with Coleman.

Thought I’d share…

I had high hopes for the discussion areas to be properly moderated. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. There are a very few groups with little to no spam, but they also get no activity either. The value for me remains in the passive connections for job opportunities through recruiters that search that site.

Joined because everyone was talking about how important this network is professionally.
Thought I was the only one who “doesn`t get it” but guess not. Mailbox is flooded with spam.