Facebook Groups...

What do you think about Facebook groups related to Industrial / Product Design?-

At least in the region I live and mother language that I speak:

  • I’ve seen that younger designers use them more than forums like Core77.
  • There is a flood, not 1 or 3… but a flood of promotions and banners related to courses on software packages.
  • There is also a flood in the groups about services from manufacturers, mold makers, etc.
  • The last 2 points are like 70% of the content on those groups.

At the end… my impressions are:

  • That more people get connected using platforms as Facebook because they believe is “easier”.
  • At the same time the quality of the content is very far of what is happening in forums like Core77.
  • Rather than forums… the are more like a “marketplace”…

Would be glad to read some other thoughts…

I was a pretty early FB adopter when it first opened up to the public. I still have an account but have only gone on 3 or 4 times in the last 2 years due to all of the heavy ads and toxicity in the name of engagement… but I’m pretty hooked into IG which is just turning into he same thing.

I wasn’t aware that younger designers were using FB. In the US it has a perception as being for “boomers”… my aunt and uncles in their 60s and 70s seem to repost junk memes all day :slight_smile:

But maybe there are interesting design discussions I’m missing out on?

I’ve actually gotten more into twitter over the past year in addition to slack channels and private iOS messenger group convos with designer friends. And I’ve been trying to post more in here again to spark things up after giving it a break for 6 months or so.


Maybe Twitter is one o a kind source for content. Several designers share their thoughts there and some of them attach samples of the work they usually develop.

It seems that in Asia and LatinAmerica there are more and more schools that teach programs for ID / PD.

In Latin America there are 3 groups in Facebook that have constant activity. One with 29 thousand users, other with 32 thousand users and other with 39 thousand users. There are some good memes… but the main content is ads for training in SolidWorks, Keyshot, etc, etc…

There is another Facebook Group that has like 9 thousand users and I’ve seen creatives from Asia, India and people from Africa. Sometimes they share a lot of articles there but not of them are directly related to ID/ PD. Some cool videos of DIY and “how things work”. Some interesting polls also…

At the end, due toxicity very few designers and creatives share their work there and that is a little bit sad.


  • One

LinkedIn has everything you need and better.

LinkedIn is better but I have noticed lately that the feed from frequent posters is getting more FaceBook like - way to much personal stuff. It’s starting to turn me off.

I have a connection from a former job that always tells people to post personal things to Facebook and that LinkedIn is for business. It seems like it’s taking up more and more of his time.