Facebook, Whatsapp and the white elephant

Really good read, despite the source:

Why teenagers fled facebook and Zuckerberg can’t buy them back.

Within 2 days 1/3rd of my contacts migrated to Threema, because we Europeans are a little sensitive with our privacy…

(And, Yahoo don’t think about buying Threema, now. The next refugee camp is just around the corner…)

Obviously nobody in Facebook ever did a p•rn site back in the days, otherwise they’d known better about the fluidity of the business…


Yeah, funny to see, did not know that so many people are privacy conscious. A lot of my contacts have moved on to Telegram over in The Netherlands.

Being in the midst of attempting to repair my credit rating, as a result of personal information being hacked, you won’t find me on any “social” media, thank you very much. If they don’t take cash, I don’t purchase.

Find me on Facebook. Not freaking likely. Twitter me at “hash tag”… yeah, right. I still have no clue as to the reason people need to share every iota of their personal lives with, literally, the universe.

The real reason Facebook is in trouble can be summed up more simply in my case. I just finally joined, a near bankable lagging indicator for any social media site.

Mo-i, is there something you’d like to tell us about your past? :laughing:

On the flip side though, Mo-i, you can’t ignore inertia. Established ecosystems, combined with the muscle memory in our fingers, helps keep Google, Facebook on top. You can be better but that doesn’t mean you’ll take over (Vimeo, Windows Phone, etc).