Does Coroflot Work?

I was just wondering if anyone has ever been hired or contacted just on their Coroflot portfolio alone. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some outstanding design work there, but isn’t Coroflot just a way to display sample work or teasers with the real footwork being done the old fashioned way? :confused:

Hey, I am not sure about other people, but, I have been contacted by 2 firms regarding my work on coroflot. I went on an interview at one and they said they look at online portfolios alot.

When I got done with my internship, the guy that replaced me they found on coroflot. I’m waiting for my boat, though

Contact yes, not just company but from different people. I don’t expect companies to come look at coroflot. I see it as a convenient way of giving them a sample of my portfolio.

I’ve gotten all of my freelance gigs from past 3 years strictly from unsolicited requests based on corefolio alone except for 2 places which I sent teasers to.
Of course I had to go in with my regular portfolio face to face later, but the initial contact was from them to me. I don’t even think my corefolio is anything special at all, never really had much time to work on it. I know I could make it much better.
Most of the time when they contact you, it’s because they need help asap so you have to be ready. Sometimes they contact monday afternoon to have you come in on a project tuesday morning.

I’ve had some interest from my portfolios

so i sertainly doesnt do any harm

Well coroflot is actually not as good as posting your work on because it posts on both. But yea I have gotten good feed back and its great for showing just a sample of your work.

I landed my first job through Coroflot. To bad the company was restructered while I only had 5+ months experience. I am still looking for a new job and updating my portfolio.

If you are outside USA, i dont think this place helps…

My last employer and others had never heard of it (and couldn’t pronounce it) when I told them about finding new staff there. They found me like many others have, through Monster, Career Builder, or Dice where I posted a resume.

Personally I don’t trust Coroflot or Monster to get me a job, it’s only convenient for showing people work if they want to get a complete one-stop bio.

I also don’t trust placement services or headhunters in this market. Companies like Aquent are worthless as are headhunters because of the fees they charge. With this much talent floating around there is no way that a company is going to pay 20%+ fees based on salary to get someone in the door. It’s easier to play roulette with the talent pool.

If you want a job you need to bust your ass and form relationships with firms, manufacturers, and other established designers. If you prove yourself - the work will come.

I’ve landed a couple interviews with major corporations from my online portfolio…I believe it’s worthwhile posting there…

Good Luck in your job search!!

Coroflot definately works!! I’ve had 4 recent interviews with big companies from Coroflot.
Two of them are now considering me for a permanent position.

I’m in the UK by the way, and all the interviews were within Europe.

[quote=“J79”]Coroflot definately works!! I’ve had 4 recent interviews with big companies from Coroflot.
Two of them are now considering me for a permanent position.

I’m in the UK by the way, and all the interviews were within Europe.[/quote]

would you mind sharing your folio link?

I cant say i agree.

I was hired for my curernt position though a head hunter firm, and now as product manager in a position to hire, I would certainly investigate the possibility of using such a firm.

If it is a mid-high level position, especially one that involves relocation 20% premium is nothing compared to the investment a company must make in good staff in the long run, plus training, etc. i doubt entry level positions are found through hunters however.

From my experience in contact with a number of these type of headhunter firms, many higher level jobs or position in larger companies (ie, nike, adi, etc.) are ONLY posted through this type of a network.

as well, I would certainly say that coroflot is very important. based on my own portfolio I have had many inquiries, without me sending any sort of email or teaser. At least in a field as specialized as footwear design, it is one of the only resources to find talent.

just my thoughts,


would you mind sharing your folio link?

Coroflot is an excellent supliment to your job hunt. I know several employers who actively “troll” the portfolios looking for quality talent. I have gotten freelance work based solely on one page of sketches in my corefolio. So don’t discount it.

on the other hand, if you are seeking full-time employment, there is no substitute for bustin’ yer butt. send out teasers + resumes, cold call, hit the jobboards. Don’t expect them to beat down your door, but it can happen.