Getting a job through c o r o f l o t . c o m

hey just wanna know if anyone got a job/interview through posting their portfolio on :neutral_face:

3 interviews since spring. Only 1 was a really good position although I was a bit underqualified.

got my current job thru Core and I’ve been here almost 4 yrs.

Just about all freelance work for past 2 years. 90% contacted me initially. Coroflot is a big help. Mailouts work also, but they may not need anyone when you send it out, then it gets lost in the pile so they don’t see it when they are looking. Coroflot stays organized and your folio is there when they want to look for it. Get your corefolio up asap, even if it’s still in progress.

Yes. Two full time gigs. Multiple freelance gigs.

Don’t wait-- post a folio.

Not sure, but I suspect the recruiter that placed me found me on coroflot.

i got 2 interviews out of the blue from coroflot, and then i got 3 more by sending a link to my corefolio as the samples in the past few months.

its convenient for showing samples when you just have an email of a person on the inside. its quick, and has your resume and contact info.

im in the process of sending teasers in the mail as well, lets see which one is more effective.

two freelance offers…currently working on one of them… coroflot is a great place to have your stuff on.

wow it’s great that coroflot helped you guys… yeah I hope to get mine up and running soon… maybe you guys can post the link to your portfolios? :smiley:

wow it’s great that coroflot helped you guys… yeah I hope to get mine up and running soon… maybe you guys can post the link to your portfolios? :smiley:

you can check them out under our profiles…

oops…thought they had that under profiles… but apparently not. i am currently working on my website…that will include my sketching.

some freelance and few interviewsOH! and some job offers.

wow… seems like lots of people have been more lucky than me!

I’ve never been contacted for my coroflot portfolio… guess is not that good… or there are no companies in south florida looking into coroflot folios to get working hands… :open_mouth:

good luck.

I think you may be correct, your location can play a factor. Core just may not be that popular there. Time to put out those teasers then, good luck, don’t give up.

S. Florida has gotten busy. thought i saw job postings down there. might post your work. get feedback.

coroflot is definitely a good way to post your work. i graduated a few months ago, relocated and am now in chicago and probably would not have a job if it wasn’t for coroflot/aiga. i get calls and emails all the time for interviews, at least once a week. you’d be suprised how many employers dont post their jobs. i highly recommend posting your portfolio and resume.

wow- i’m so impressed, i really had no idea that having a portfolio on coroflot helped that many people!

i have a strange background in everything from graphics to jewelry and just applied for graduate school in ID. does anyone have any ideas for posting a coroflot portfolio? do you think i could even get an unpaid/paid internship filing images in an id studio if i put up a portfolio? and if i did post my sketches/ideas for products, would that be safe as far as right protection?

surprising to me. just passed another one to someone on the forum. good reason for registering. taking advantage of this place.

“right protections”? do forum Search on patents. then ask yourself if its worth staying umemployed.