Online coroflot portfolio

So I’m thinking about changing jobs and I’ve just updated my coroflot folio.:
Any feedback would be excellent. I think there is a little too much work there, as I want it to be more a teaser to entice employers into an interview with a physical portfolio. Thoughts and comments appreciated.
Michael Denham

It’s got me one interview out of two cold calls so far. Any feedback still appreciated

Got the job! BOOM!

Congratulations and enjoy! :smiley:

I think more places seem to want to see it all upfront from what I’m noticing since so many people have their own websites and full portfolios online. Also since so many people are applying to jobs now it would seem like they’d want to weed people out quickly so you might not get noticed with the teasers next to a guy showing everything full in the middle of going over 200 applicants. Congratulations on the job!

hey congrats. nice to hear a positive ending come out of the boards and corfolio.

(pssst. I’d ditch the picture of your silver car model. I know you made it and everything but it’s not really helping.)

Great folio, Mike. I wish I could sketch as well as you.

Thanks guys, really appreciate it. Yeah I think the silver car model is not so good too.