anyone got a job offer through.....

just wondering…
does anyone get job offers by posting the portfolio at coroflot site?
if so, can you share your experience with us??

I have a friend from University that got a job through their coroflot portfolio. They just happened to have a shoe project and a shoe company contacted them.

Yes-- I’ve gotten both of my full-time gigs from Coroflot, plus a handful of freelance work, and countless emails and connections.

That’s awesome
good for you :smiley:
now lets see your portfolio! :wink:

any more successful stories?
fueledbycoffee, can you share your portfolio with us? and/or tell us some tips in portfolio building and job hunting?
Thanks a lot!

I’d prefer to preserve my semi-anonymity so I won’t link my portfolio, however I can share a few thoughts on my experience in finding entry level ID work using Coroflot. Here’s a stream-of-consciousness list of things to consider:

  • Scope out the competition. Look at as many Corefolios as you can stand and see what’s out there-- who you’re up againt. Definitely focus on people with the same amount of experience as yourself. Also consider checking out other local designer’s Corefolios. Get informed.

  • Keep your content updated and fresh. It’s tough if you have a full time job-- but if you want to move up-- you’ve got to stay driven. Improve on what you have. Show newly developed skills. Showcase self-administered projects. Obsess on your folio & resume-- both the virtual and physical versions.

  • Don’t refresh your Corefolio every day. That’s just annoying, and it shows desperation on your part if the content never changes. My experience is that a lot of prospective employers generally search in their region (they want to save costs-- airfare ain’t cheap!) so just because your Corefolio is 5 pages back in the global mix, it may be the first few in your city.

  • Really pay attention to detail. Be critical and constantly be revising your resume and project descriptions to make them clear and consise. Misspelled words, bad grammar, and poorly worded sentences reflect poorly on you, even if you can sketch like Syd Mead.

  • Pay attention to all the other stuff people tell you about getting jobs. I’m not gonna restate it all here. Coroflot can only take you so far. So, like, you know-- strive for self improvement, get your name out in your city, learn new skills (ie Photoshop rendering– an important tool that a lot of schools don’t push enough), network newtwork network…blah blah blah etc. The usual jazz… hey that stuff works, too.

Good luck-- hope I helped somewhat.

I’ve gotten a slew of interested parties email me as well. The jobs have all been out of state, so I haven’t gone for them, but it is really nice to know that people are interested.

Fueledbycoffee brings up some good points…and things to pay attention to.

I have also scored a few gigs thru Coroflot. My current full time job…as well as two freelance opportunities.

Are the “gigs” your getting purely the in the design feild, or are their some other jobs being snagged… i.e. illustration etc… Thanks

“Full-time gigs” = full-time staff product designer

My ID work search has been done mostly through Core77/Coroflot. I’ve gotten my first job right out of school and my current job through Coroflot. After posting my own work in the portfolio section, I’ve gotten responces from recruiters and employers who were looking to fill positions who I wasn’t aware severel times.

I think the web site is great. For those who are looking for work now, keep refining your portfolio, and know your competitions.

Good luck.

I’ve had excellent feedback through my corefolio! I think it’s the best way to promote yourself in the field even if you are not looking for a job. Out of state-companies have invited me for interviews and local companies have contacted me for full-time positions. I’m really happy with Coroflot and I recommend every designer to take the time and get online, you never know when you might get contacted by the opportunity of a lifetime! :smiley: