Design Freelance rates

Hi there, I would like to ask what are the rates of a Freelance Designer should quote, working for a client, the amount of salary he should be earning.

Let’s say, eg. CLient from

  1. United States
  2. Europe
  3. Asia


It depends on a wide variety of factors: services, schedule, market, etc. Generally I would say the following in USD:

  1. $40 per hour
  2. $50 per hour
  3. $15 per hour (china)
    3a) $30-40 per hour (Hong kong, Japan, Korea)

I charge the same rate for everywhere, after all it takes me the same time to do the job, I’m based in Europe, so why should I charge any less?

I do find that the Chinese generally are prepared to pay more and are always on time though.

Now that is interesting, I have heard a completly opposite story about the chinese!

Thanks for the input!

Another questions is that, other than charging by per hour, how about by per project?

How much shld I charge my client if go by Project instead of hour?


Perhaps it’s because in footwear design, the need for a strong understanding of Western fashion trends means that we don’t really have any competition out there. They have a rep. in the shoe trade for paying A LOT more.

Man, it just really depends. It’s a tricky thing, especially when you start talking globally. For a freelancer I don’t think I would go much above $45 per hour.

It also depends on your experience. I know of some out of college freelance shoe designers in the UK charge $300 a day, I’ve no idea how they can live in UK and live on that kind of money, it’s too low. Average rates are about $500 a day here, but more experienced, senior designers I know charge anything from $700 to $1000 a day.

It’s dificult to find out the truth because no one likes to discuss thier rates incase you are cheaper than they are!

I was fortunte in that I used freelancers myself whe I was a design manager, so I had a clear idea of what to charge myself.

You could try ringing some of the agencies to find out what their opinion is, you might get a better answer than if you other freelancers.