Help on freelancing rate

Hi guys can anyone help me with a problem i have. i am going to do some freelance work for a garment manufacturing company abroad and they asked me how much i charge, now the problem is that i do not know how much i shuld charge them. i work as a fashion designer and i have worked for other companys but dont know how much to charge when working freelance.
They want me to work on a new collection for their Men`s wear line that will be exported to the UK among other countries.
How much do you think i should charge? and how much an hour?


I think you really need to ask yourself how much you’re worth, and what the company wants exactly. Will you just be designing or do you have to construct samples also. If you’ve already done work for other companies, then you can feel free to charge more for your experience. One thing you’ll always regret is charging less than your worth, so if they want you then they’ll pay you what you want and diserve for your services.

$100 per hour is a good standard rate if you have some professional level experience already.

These are more for the graphic design field but I’m sure they will help you out.

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If you are a professional nothing under US$75 per hour