Im a Rookie in this game we call shoe design.

I have been in the business about 1yr, and I am also a student. I go to Parsons school of Design. and well i really need more information on how is price my work, and what to do in years to come and how to find my worth???

thank you, any info would be great.

have you designed any shoes yet? If so how far did you take the designs? Sketches, rebderings, tech packages, material specs, SRFs, cut tooling?

point being is that usually a freelancer with a track record of products usually can charge anywhere from $5000 to $15000 per project depending on the amount they contribute to the design qand how far they work with the client to develop it. Some freelancers have the capacity to take the design all they way to a factory in Asia, others just do sketches and renderings and hand it over to the client who then takes it and develops it from there.

What to do in the years to come? I’d say get hired at a footwear company (or even a few of them), big ones preferrably, learn about shoe manufacturing and construction, materialiization, marketing and sales. Travel, make contacts and network, then when you go out and start freelancing you can be more cost effective to your client.

I have already put out seventeen development samples, uppers, and have designed four outsoles that are in pre-production as well as designed one insole. (All of the names of the companies, are disclosed namebrands.) I have been to china for two weeks in order to put out samples, so I do know about production and i have extensive knowledge of materials. Other name brands and manufactures requested I come to Brazil and Italy also, to work with them. I am hired now but looking for freelance work to fill my resume and get a different point of view in the shoe design world. I am looking to find a price guide for my work.

Thanks, I appreciate your response.