curious question about employment / freelance

I have asked about pay in other countries and in the US.
How about freelance ? There are figures about how much
people charge per hour. But how do you charge your clients
for the work you do ?

Do you strictly go by the hour ?

How much do you get taxed ?


You get taxed about 30%, plus another 15% for self-employment tax. That additional 15% tax can be offset by the fact that you can expense just about everything off your taxable income. Gas, mileage, software, computer, cell phone, etc. You get the idea.

That’s the reason there are tax breaks for such crazy cars like the Hummer H2. Stupid tax loopholes.

As for hourly, that’s all across the board. Depends so much on the type of project and how much experience you have. For widgets, I typically charge around $70/hr. Keep in mind, though, when you’re free-lancing, everything is on YOU, so you must charge a considerable amount more than a full-timer to cover things like insurance and related expenses. Not to mention the fact that you might not have any work set up for next month. Kinda stressful.

Any more curious questions for tonight?

im curious too… in terms of footwear design, how much should i charge to submit a design. how much per hour? how much per design?

How hungry are you? Meant both literally and figuratively.