concept for a stool

Hi everyone, I’ve made this concept and I would like to know what you all think of it. Any feedback (suggestions, changes, criticism) is most welcomed!

Welcome aboard Robert.

Not to get too snarky, but what you have designed is a stool, not a chair.

stool n. a : a seat usually without back or arms supported by three or four legs or by a central pedestal

chair n.: a seat typically having four legs and a back for one person

What materials and processes are you thinking, Robert?
To me it looks a little like sheet metal perhaps? or folded aluminum?

It reminds me a bit of the nesting tables by Stephen Burks for B&B Italia. Maybe you can get some production inspiration from the way they are folded and constructed.

To me it looks a little like sheet metal perhaps? or folded aluminum?

Must be that transparent aluminum they use on Star Trek…

I like the form, but since there is no “return” lip on the back edge of the seat surface, the seat will deflect downward while the bottoms of the “legs” will try to splay apart as weight is applied to seat surface.

oops, didn’t see the transparency in the rendering on my dark screen…

I was talking to a paper pulp molder the other day. It is amazing what can be done with recycled paper pulp if you use the right thicknesses and ribs. I think it would be interesting to give this more of a material story beyond plastic.

With the current shape having that one compound corner you will either need to mold it or make it from 2 pieces.
A 2 piece construction joined near the upper radii could be interesting, potentially 2 different material.

As it is shown you will need to beef up the lower legs with some returns or ribs or something as LMO mentioned.
The problem with beefing anything up in this design ofcourse is that you are proposing it nests, so that will have an impact on how much it can truly nest.

As LMO also mentioned the seat will want to sag across, adding a slight lip going up at the back could give you some added rigidity there without interfering with the nesting aspect (could also be another touchpoint/handle for moving it)

It reminds me of something exhibited in Milan in 2010. I think they are both interesting shapes, although I am unsure how they would be used. The comparison is only to inform of a similar solution.

Here is the item I was reminded of and the following four or five slides.


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As in the Burkes tables, the rear edge of your seating surface could have an upward turned lip without affecting stackability.

I second yo’s material suggestion. Plastic is overused … way overused. Laminated kraft paper would be interesting to see; a play on papier-mâché maybe using aliphatic glue (yellow carpenter’s glue)? It would more than likely take some “ribbing” to make it strong enough, but it could still be “stackable”. One thing is sure… prototyping it would be cheap (comparatively speaking); build a wood model of it and laminate over it … a male mold if you will.

But keeping the ends of the “legs” from trying to spread apart is still going to be a major hurtle to overcome.

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Thank you all for the feedback and I’m sorry for the late reply, the last 3 weeks have been a bit hectic for me.

@LMO - my bad, I’ve corrected the title to it

@bepster - about the materials, this version is made from polycarbonate, I say this version because when I
first sketch it (2 years ago) I thought about using plywood but since I had to finish my college projects I put this
on stand by and kinda forgot it, anyway last year in September, I found out about a local design contest which had
the theme - chair, so I remembered this concept, revisited it - changed the shape and the material and to my
surprise it won second prize and given the positive feedback I would like to collaborate with a manufacturer
to produce it - hope this overview wasn’t very confusing :slight_smile:

@IDiot and LMO - right you are on the upward lip, the reason I didn’t model it was because some friends said
it’s ok for it to bend (obviously if it bends too much it’s not good), upon simulating it at 200 pounds (approx. 91 kg) it bends almost 4 mm, here is a video [vimeo][/vimeo] of that - I don’t know if this is ok or not.

also made a 1/3 scale model from cardboard (think the right term is pulpboard though I’m not sure) which held 4 kg after which it collapsed, again don’t know if this is the proper way to test a chair/stool or not.

@yo and LMO - yup paper pulp is really interesting, I will make a paper pulp version, it’s amazing what can
be done with paper pulp and the research that goes into new types of paper Electro-stimulated papper.wmv - YouTube

@nxakt - Thank you for the slide show, did you photograph all the objects there?

@nxakt - Thank you for the slide show,

No kidding!! +2 Shaw!!!