Looking for feedback...

Looking to get some feedback on this project

Very reminiscent of Ron Arad’s “Well Tempered” chair. Very post-modern in my eyes. The seat is an interesting way to create a cushion.

Perhaps you could give a bit more info on your project:

What problem(s) are you attempting to solve?
What will the chair be constructed from in full scale?
And lastly, is it comfortable/usable?

Thanks for the post Lotus. Here’s a little more info on the project

The idea for this chair really came from being inspired by materials. I saw a camping mat in the store and really liked the feel of the material as well as the look of it. I thought that by combining it with sheet steel as the construction material the two would work well with each other in the final product.

Also, both materials are manufactured easily and cheaply in sheet form.

So as far as the final chair, I would construct it out of closed cell foam about 3/4" to 1" thick that would be adhered to 1/4in bent sheet steel.

I’ve included some 3D sketches and a full size mock up below where I actually made a working cushion of the material. It is very comfortable, and where a normal cushion will cause you to sink into a “pocket” these cushions tend to move with you more.

Thanks again.

The way you did the seat cushion is really interesting. I would focus more on that- maybe make it into a bench.

i definitely agree. you may be onto something with the cushion, but the rest of the chair just seems like a waste of material. a bench could be cool, and then you’d be able to lie down on it…