A simple project board

Hey guys,
I just finished up this project board for one of my studio projects.
The assignment was to design a 18" tall cardboard stool using <32sqft of material.

This board is to accompany an assembled stool (reason there is no final state pic) that looks like this (but without the wrinkles).

Any advice/comments/criticism? Is the layout good?

That’s pretty cool. It reminds me of some 3D bristol paper forms we had to do when I was in my foundations year in college. Lots of folding and cutting of a single sheet of bristol.

The partially folded images are really nice. You could make more use of them by incorporating a progession of images from flat to folded in a sequence like frames from a movie reel. I think it’s good that you kept your layout simple and clean, but you should rethink your choice of font. It’s not very legible. Look at some that are a little less stylized/extreme.

nice: did you hit on that fold right away, or did you make a few models/sketches before you got it right? I always think that creative people like to see process (if that is your audience).

Good stuff.

Thanks for the advice.
I just went back and looked at it, the font is a little odd. I was trying for something that felt new and innovative (is that a valid reason for choosing a font?). I thought that with “normal” fonts the page was too boring.
I have a sketch page I am supposed to turn in with this, The progression is pretty weak though. I came up with a few visually interesting ideas then built scale models out of bristol to see about strength (stool also has to hold 250lbf, and be made from <3 individual pieces). Picked a pentagon because it was more interesting than a square, and more unique than a hexagon. I did most of the fold ideation in 3d using variations on stuff you’d see in a paper crane.
I was thinking about scanning in some of the sketches and putting them in the background.
Do you guys think that is a good idea?
Or maybe a light grid in perspective inder the stools that fades out to teh back and sides (monocular cues)?
Someone I sent it too for feedback told me the poster was disjointed,
and “awefully beige”.
Any ideas on how to improve the flow or coherency(word?) of the board.
The letters are the same color as the cardboard (couldn’t figure out how to give then the same texture so they looked like cutouts).
Should I change the color scheme?
Sorry, I tend to ramble, and am asking so many questions. I am trying to get the most out of this project that I can. I need to improve my layout ability.

sometimes I think a loose sketch blown way up (spilling off the page) and half toned can be a nice backgoung.

An interesting font is often good for a hearer, but a more functional readable font usually works better for body text.

I’d like to see the models as well… I think they could be nice.

I think maybe there’s too much text for a board…it’s pretty selfexplanatory at this point…here’s my stool and this is how I got there. I rarely read what my classmates write, especially when it’s some kind of funky font.
I’d get rid most of the text, and add more sketches, mockups and such.

I’d include a picture of the final model with maybe an outline of a person actually sitting on it, because I assume that the model that you showed is not the one you can sit on…and even if it’s a working model I’d still put in a picture with people interacting with your stool in various ways ( carrying, sitting, using it as a coffee table…)
I’m not keen on the “Project 8, Cardboard Stool” fisheye/arc thingie…it’s a tad cheesy imo.

the stool itself is pretty nice!

ETA: I re-read your post…It’s a working model. But I’d still put in some pictures of people playing with it.

Hey all,
I did another version with some improvements(I hope).
I tried to fix the things you guys mentioned as off (font, sketches, layout),
The pictures I had of preliminary models didn’t make the cut ( I need better lighting and maybe a tripod for little stuff). Most of that text is neccesary, but I trimmed a bit.
Let me know what you think:

Which one do you guys like better?
Any suggestions/crits?
Thanks for your help,

The second board is much better, but it’s still lacking some ‘punch.’ I would start by making a larger ‘header’ or title block. The small icon in the lower right corner just doesn’t catch my eye. I think you need to 1st identify what exactly it is…yeah, I get it just by seeing the cardboard mockups, but it’s alway nice to see some kind of title, etc.

Definitely include some sketches. You could always scan a bunch in, then ‘grey them out’ and put them in the background.

It also looks like you’re using 2 different fonts for you main text…I would stay consistent with one.

Just my 2 cents.


Thanks for all the help.

2nd board is better for sure, I would make your biggest image bigger. Right now they fight for dominence a bit.

I liked your stool but would like to see the design process aswell.i think your second board is better here are a few suggestions.

  1. attractive title or a bold heading
    so that the reader at first glimpse gets an idea about the project or the paragraph.

  2. try changing the text color the page looks monotonous.

  3. there should be one main image and the rest should look supportive.

  4. a little bit of design process and end use can be added.