these are a couple of chair designs i did a short while ago


your first concept bend and hole is nice but i think it will need a lock as if one sits on this chair the back rest will tend to slip down under pressure.
I will suggest u make paper models and test it for prssure .

similarly about your second design. the front part should be curved inward so that is takes the load.

so make paper models!!

thanx indid - i’ll try that out :slight_smile:

i did this chair on photoshop, colouring over a pencil sketch - it looks a bit flat, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the drawing (rendering, or designwise) it would b much appreciated :slight_smile:

this is the pencil drawing

Rendering wise I think puting a floor surface in and dropping some shadows onto it would help.

Designwise the chair looks quite low to the ground unless it is a type of lazy chair in which case maybe a matching foot stool would be an idea.

I like the orginal designs and think with a bit of time working on the practicalities that you could be near to a really interesting design.

nice stuff, thanks for posting them.

I think droping a shadow in is a good sugestion, it will ground the sketch.

I would also look at your proportions. Right now the back is laying down quite a bit, which is OK if that is what you are intending. Maybe try sketching up some quick ortho views and then redo the perspective. That helps me sometimes.

Also, try making the lightsource more consistant, this will help it pop more off the page.

thanx guys, im working on it :slight_smile:

i thought there was much thinking towards form in the images you posted. but, there needs to be more resolution towards detail. rendering is one thing, presentation yada yad. But, tell a story, put the chair in an environment where you want to see it. forget about a stupid drop shadow, or a colore change. TELL A STORY> put the chair in context.

put your design in context to the person you think would be sitting on it. and, if it matches up with reality, it might sell.