There is no spoon... :)

Best regarts

The design is nice but it looks more like furniture than a spoon…But then again thats why I like it…The color and form reminds me of a mango…

sure it isn’t a chair?

I think you are on to something Jay… looks like a really expensive to produce chair…

I agree…Might be worth the your while to see what this design could be if it were indeed a chair…

would be a nice outdoor public seating type installation the way it is shown… I had this professor that would turn students work upside and then say “there you go, much better”

I am very pleased by your coments …

And at the end its a chair … :smiling_imp:
The shape is inspired by a spoon i was playing with at a diner party :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a fork inspired but it is still in progres :blush:

:laughing: WOW , it actually is a chair! Communicating that visually is so important, esp with something that has the shape of something else. A rendering with the outline of a human or in a room, next to a table would solve this.

What type of environment is it intended for? Seems to big for residential use maybe?

A question-

Doesn’t the concept work better being presented so that it’s scale is not easily determined?

(It may be boring otherwise.)

I think the opposite, without scale its just another spoon, scale is what makes it unique. Scale is everything. Have you ever seen something like a watch and thought that would be awesome it it was 10% bigger or smaller.

Not to mention you’re approaching the design with a designer’s mind.
A client doesn’t want to spend time trying to figure out what scale something is at. And they sure won’t appreciate being made to.
Sure as a designer, we enjoy the challenge of visualizing things out of their assumed setting. But if you want a non-designer to understand, you gotta reference it to their world.

Oh but the only thing the original poster did was present a series of pictures along with a catch phrase from the ‘matix’. That is what he asked us to look at.

Sounds like to me what the poster was looking for was to see if this ‘deception of scale’ would draw any response. And it did. Does the concept work? I’d say more or less, yes. (Though there is a lot of work left to make the concept into a design)

JWK, I understand your point the value in a concept being clear with no initial misunderstandings. And I’d agree with you if this wasn’t a conceptual furniture concept. But it is, and the clients who would be interested in this would also want to take part in the deception. But it would be the designer’s responsibility to take care and present it well.

If the deception wasn’t the designer’s intention, well then maybe you are right and I overthunk his concept.


I agree with your post. Well said.