Best Ads of 2009

I thought I would put a post out there what all of you thought the best ads were of 2009. I thought I would start with just one that I found on TV as well as youtube. I will ad more as we build.

I thought the Levi’s Go Forth campaign by Weiden+Kennedy was one of the best of the year. Beautifully directed TV spots and some really nice print as well. Walt Whitman’s poems paired with that stunning imagery really fit nicely with the youthful and rebellious spirit of the Levi’s brand. Check out more here:

HTC has been doing some good stuff this year (aside from the typical celebrity cameo “I use this, and so should you” commercials")

The YOU commericals from the point of view of the phone is pretty well done.

I second the Levi’s spots. Stunning visually.

thanks for indulging me :wink:

Ha! I feel like a jackass. :smiley:

I saw this before a movie the other night and I just found it on youtube. I had to post it. I think we have all had this conversation.

Loved that when I first saw it… here’s to more flies left open in 2010!