NEW Target Design For all TV Ads.

Anybody else think these where awesome?

click the sircles on this one:

I admire target for being more commited in the arts, and design.

They have donated alot to the MoMA-Museum of Modern Art here in NYC, and because of target the museum is free on fridays -afternoons

there art direction has changed in the past year- I think they are looking at advertising and marketing in ways like Apple.

nice clips

i didn’t know that about MOMA, thanks for the info. That is totaly awesome. Just when you think big retailers are all a bunch of Wal-Marts, Target reminds you that there is more to it than T-Shirts for $2.50

Yo, next time you come to NYC you should check out the MoMA-amazing…best museum i have ever been in, havent been in much but I just became overwhelmed and was very inspired. kinda a steep price. 20 $ admission-most in the world actually*

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I haven’t been since the redo. The last time I was there was two/three years ago now.

They have my favorite sculpture and my favorite painting in their perm collection:

Umberto Boccioni. Unique Forms of Continuity in Space. 1913. Bronze

and Marcel Duchamp. Nude Descending a Staircase:

Have you ever taken the train up to Beacon to visit the new Dia musuem? Awesome.

Storm King Art Center in Mountainville is also pretty great, a lot of Calder’s and an awesome Noguchi there:

I agree with Yo, that is one of my fave sculptures as well!

I think the MOMA also hay my fave painting as well (Impovisation 28 by Kandinsky)

Gotta get my tail to NY one of these days, never been.

on target…they have taken their ads to the next level and have separated themselves from the other big box stores…until now i had always been a bit skeptical about them, but now i think that they have convenced me…

[quote=“yo”]I haven’t been since the redo. The last time I was there was two/three years ago now.

They have my favorite …painting …Marcel Duchamp. Nude Descending a Staircase:


Yes this is mine too. (although I do like Picasso’s Guernica too. I saw that at Moma just before it left for Spain in the early 80’s.)

for some reason that didn’t come across:

I always liked that duchamp too, one of the only ones I could remember from Kirshenbaum’s lectures.