Brand Spotting...The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I thought it would be great to start a Brand Spotting thread. The purpose of this is to keep a running thread that we can post new, cool, and exciting stuff we see out in the field, on the web, or cool ideas that you may have come across. This could be POP/POS, Graphics, and as the subtitle says “what makes people buy stuff”. But as the title suggests it can also be a dialog around what is working and what is not.

I have a few things but I will start with this. Today was NASCAR day here at Mars so I thought I would post some pics of our promo stuff. Unfortinatly as the packaging group we do not have anything to do with this stuff but it is still cool.

ENJOY and Let’s get this going!!! I think this is what this forum is all about and will help us all.


am I the only one who can’t see any images from time to time on this forum? I’m using Firefox 3 on XP. Any thoughts?

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I can’t see images sometimes too

I’m sure it looks great PackageID :slight_smile:

ah yeah, there we go…good stuff
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It may be image size. I will change it.

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Speaking of that … is that a “moderator” feature/privilege, or can anyone do it (aside from photoshopping and reposting on flickr, photocbucket, etc?)

It sure is a pain in the arse to post a 2200 x 3100 image, not to mention a bit embarrassing. Hyperlinking is an option, but tends to remove spontaneity when reading through a discussion.

Some old and new stuff from Crayola. I really love the old traditional design.

Not sure if this fits the topic, but… here’s something I saw the other day in central Stockholm. Yellow Lambos are so 2006, but you could see everyone turning heads as it was going down the street because of how contradictory it was to put a ski box on a matte black Lambo. Oh and yeah - it had a big logo on the side of the car. I’m not sure what the brand was but I know I NEED it.

edit: did some googling, apparently it belongs to a skier Jon Olsson, and it’s not his first! I mean I’m not into skiing, but I’m currently watching him on youtube and have read 3 interviews. Is this how to build a brand?


80 views and only 3 responses? I will add another.

This is a Nabisco aisle I saw in a grocery store. This was really cool. It took up one whole aisle in the store and was design to give a home kitchen feel. Notice the recipe boxes, refrigerator, and fake butcher block counter tops.

I know this may be a bit cheese, but I thought it was clever.

That is awesome. That is one hell of a way to promote your brand. Not sure what he does, but that is one way to get you brand noticed. A little pricy though.

I only see images in some threads if I’m logged in. While in others I see them logged in or not. This one required me to log in to see the images.

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Those Kleenex boxes are great! The whole idea of a tissue box is cheesy so why not have a little fun with it. It’s summer after all.

I love in the Nabisco kitchen how there’s a little pamphlet titled “Healthier Living” next to a bucket of Easy Cheese…

Are you proposing that Easy Cheese is not healthy and/or cheese?

Hey I love squirting that stuff directly into my mouth as much as the next guy…

<gags at the thoughts of that

I like my cheese moldy and smelling of old socks.
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Yes I’m embarrassed to even post this. And I’m sure they weren’t even paid to do it. :cry:

That is hilarious. Always good to know what flavor you hair is.

I wonder if the cuffs and collars match ? :wink:

Sorry… kind of