ahhhh last minute schoool help!

i was alll set to go to rit, until cmu accepted me from their design waitlist. i know cmu is more presitigous, but can anyone else give me their opinions on the two schools? i’ve visited them both many times, but i cant seem to make up my mind. rit is practically free, whereas cmu is insanely expensive.

I allways here all this fluff about how prestegious CMU is, anybody know if there is any truth to it?

I’ve met many good designers who came from RIT, that much I know for sure.

As far as student work from CMU, its solid, occasionally exceptional. However, both schools are really 2nd teir for design, and since pedigree will never trump portfolio - save your money.

so what schools are first tier? i saw the top ten list that was posted, if that’s what you’re referring to. thank you both for your advice though.

RIT had a wonderful program…the department Toby Thompson, FIDSA built was terrific. A majority of that staff retired in the mid to late 90s…do not know much about it now ( I am alum from the old school ).

I have a CMU student here now at my office P/T for the summer…they need to teach more sketching at CMU. He will back that up, as he has learned a ton. If they would have instructed it, he would have learned it.

i really appreciate everyones opinions. actually, the annoying part of deciding schools is wanting to go to so many. I’ve seen so many and heard many different philosophies that I’ve liked. I wish RIT wasn’t in Rochester though.ha. I could also still go to Pratt if i wanted, but i got really fed up with their sloppy admission and administration. That’s another school that would be economically sound for me to attend though. Or MICA, but i dont think mica is that strong for design, although their foundation program is amazing.I have to decide by this afternoon by 3. I guess i should just put the names in the hat. My parents are having a hard time with cmu though, considering it will be about50,000/year and I definitely want to do grad.

Rochester is a very nice city fot its’ size. There is a large amount of cultre and thing to do. You just have to leave the brick fortress.

did you feel that you were well prepared after going there? getting the basics down at least?

start with rit and figure out what you want to do- RIT and CMU can’t be that far apart in structure or meaning of the school.

The 2nd tier jab was probably saying that art center is 1st tier. In a way that is true simply because of name recognition.

i heard cmu’s design program is more focused on sustainble design. i would go there.

I was well prepared by RIT, but that was 12 years ago. The department has gone through a huge faculty turn over. Great facilities for the ID department and the 10 week quarter is very suited to real life.

the part i thought was a little bizaree about cmu was a student telling me they don’t like to concentrate on portfolios. its of course great to concentrate on reserach and statistics, but i dont know. i couldnt see any of their students work, and found very little online. i dont know what the hell to do. perhaps a year off would be good.

I investigated RIT and CMU for my daughter.

First, someone said that CMU is a second tier design school. This isn’t true according to US News and World Report, which rates it 6th in the nation.

That said, CMU is very well known but for computer engineering, computer science, and drama. Their deign school, while quite good, is not as well known.

RIT also has a strong design school, which is just as well known in the design world as CMU and a LOT less expensive. RIT also gives good co-ops and good practical training. CMU tends to be more theoretical.

YOu will meet more brilliant students in CMU than in RIT because the standards for admission to science programs is definitely higher there. However, you won’t go wrong with either school. Personally, I feel that RIT gives a more practical ( and useful) design curriculum.

so did your daughter end up going to either CMU or RIT?