Pratt, yo

Alright! I’m going to Pratt!!! Who’s with me?? No, seriously, who’s with me? I would like to talk to some people that are going to accept the offer. I already live in Brooklyn, but i just moved here and i don’t know alot of designers here!

hi congrats.
could i ask you why do you choose pratt over risd??

I realize it’s a little strange, however, I love Brooklyn. My friends are here. I love my neighborhood. It was a really hard decision. RISD is AWSOME, but providence does not really appeal to me. There’s just so much here! I have been in DUMBO for only three months, and i already have a favorite coffee place, grocery store, etc, etc. Oh happy happy, joy, joy!!! Also, Pratt has a great area of three-D printers and equiptment. They have a plastic(or resin) printer. They are great for making molds off of. RISD has none. They send their Z-print plans out i think. Sooooo, lots of reasons really!

i have recieved an acceptance letter from Pratt MID aswell. So if you stick to your decision to join pratt we wud be batchmates!!

so what is your back ground?

So many people are into the RISD “name” and “mystique” but I think it’s awesome you turned them down. I think RISD students/grads are snooty people who think they’re all that (or the ones I’ve met, anyway.) I was in a similar position a while back-I got into RISD (for graphic design) but chose SVA. My friends in the design field were saying, what are you, nuts? But if you think about it, nothing interesting has come out of RISD gd, and NYC kick’s Providence, RI’s ass.

… hey I went to RISD.

Nothing like a gross over-generalization first thing in the morning.

I am going to accept the offer of Pratt MID. Maybe we can talk over this
program. :slight_smile:

Mostly I am into furniture design these days. Alot of it has been steel. I would like some insight into aluminum and more practical metals for furniture. I also do alot of slip-casted porcelain stuff. I am so excited about getting help with my injection mold skills, and i haved never worked in plastics. Also, there is no glass dept. at Pratt. Is there? I did not hear of one. I guess you send that stuff out or work elsewhere? My coroflot space issss…

um, those are underscores btwn. no_ne_justo

sounds like the MID in Pratt is tuff to get in…
or am I wrong?

[quote=“innovation”]I am going to accept the offer of Pratt MID. Maybe we can talk over this
program. :slight_smile:

hey i am with you guys !!
so where are you from and what is your background??

Hey Yo, sorry, didn’t mean to dis your school, and yes, I agree that I made a gross generalization. It’s just that my only experience with RISD was a bad one, so it has colored my perception of the school.

Has anyone NOT heard back from Pratt MID yet? I am still waiting in agony!

And has anyone heard from Art Center? I’m still waiting…

Hope I hear soon so I can come to a decision.

I am from Taiwan. And I got the BID here and had four-year experience. I am so happy to meet you guys joining in Pratt MID. How about you?

yes, it’s going to be super-fantastic. I have decided to take out some loans to live off of so i can give it all of my days. I struggled in undergrad to fund my projects so this will be more super fantastic. Have any of you moved to NY yet? We should pre-meet!!

You will know after you got into the program that during the first year, most of your classmates are from the same yr program, and the division of first and second year students will feel somewhat isolated.
I strongly recommand you guys to be bit more open and go talk to previous yrs’.
It will make your school life much better and helpful in many different ways.
Good luck.

Hi. I haven’t heard back from Pratt either, I did hear back from Art Center about 2 weeks ago (got into their Media Design program, not sure if ID sends stuff out at same time).

But I got into ITP and already sent in the deposit.

I just got my rejection letter from Art Center. This comes to me as no surprise as I didn’t expect to get into their grad program. Oh well… but still anxiously waiting to hear from Pratt as it is still one of my top choices. It is the only school (out of 6) that I have not heard a peep from. Very frustrating. On top of that I have been waitlisted by RISD and they told me they have no way of predicting what will happen, and the list is active until September!

By the way, I have a college friend who graduated from ITP last May and loved every moment of it.

I got into the MID program and can’t believe that I have three months to “get my affairs in order” before I totally change my lifestyle! This is huge! So excited.

I have a short window of time to figure out finances/loans and finding an apartment. Suddenly wish I sold my soul to a large corporation during my 20’s so i had a pile of cash to fall back on :blush:

Wow. Still in shock here…August 17th. can’t wait to meet you all!

Suddenly wish I sold my soul to a large corporation during my 20’s so i had a pile of cash to fall back on

Congrad. I will see you next semester.
Money is always big part of problem. Wish you take care of it, or even if you don’t have much, sometimes less is more.