art center or IIT

here’s the scoop.

both IIT and ART CENTER have replied saying “bring it.”

the issue for me is the programs and job placement. the ciricculum is very different between the two. like night and day from what I understand. BTW i am more the intellectual type.

I guess whats most important is landing a job at a place like IDEO or Design Continuum… frog. something like that. a place where i am happy working to repay my student loans. psst, yeah right, dude.

any suggestions, comments, or should I just shut up and sit back down. thanks.

do you really want people who don’t know anything about you to to tell you what program to attend.

If it where me, I would go Art Center and never look back. But that is what I would do for me if I was in your position… did that make any sense at all? :wink:

visit both. Your choice will become obvious.

Graduate or Undergrad? I would recommend Art Center for Undergrad… better campus/weather…

Graduate… IIT. If you can deal with the Campus on the south side (ouch) it’s graduate program is unmatched.

hey! the southside campus is actually getting super-awesome now what with rem koolhaus and whatnot… however, the institute of design is located in downtown chicago, at 350 n. lasalle st. good spot in the middle of everything.

I know for a fact that ID-IIT grads and grads to be are being offered salaries (for internships) around 65K in SF

How can you be posting a 80K question like this on the net. The schools are both excellent, but extremely different. Did you just pick up a list of top schools and just apply? If you know what you want out of school the decision should be a no brainer if indeed IIT and Art Center are the choices. And if it isn’t, which it doesn’t seem to be, you probably shouldn’t go to either.

thank you for your advice dudes and dudettes.

yes. it’s true I applied to both and am offered fellowships to attend either.
that’s partly what makes the decision more difficult. I understand the programs are completely different and my undergrad is from Pratt so I figured a more cerebral approach might be a good compliment to my education.

I plan to kick the tires of both and visit, I’m sure it will become obvious at that point which program to attend.

in fact I think I already know which I will attend, sometimes it just helps hearing it from other folks, thats what this forum is all about, right . thanks again for the valuable feedback.

cool beans.

oh its grad school— IIT in a heartbeat.