HELP! Grad school: ND, IIT, RIT, UIC, UIC-UC, UCIN.???

Sorry if people feel this is a repeat of other postings, I have read them , but want more info.

My degree is in furniture design, but want to go to grad school to get a broader sense of product design. I’m thinking more along the lines of tech, business/marketing and continuing furniture and related areas. Although I do like styling, but don’t want to do just that. I don’t want to take 2+ extra years of Calc and Physics for engineering either. I like math and am fairly good at it, but haven’t done much Calc since HS.

i. I know IIT is supposed to be the best, but their funding isn’t that great-and I believe they aren’t accredited? I am already 45k in debt :open_mouth: , don’t really want more, but if the schooling is worth it…

ii. I found that UIChic. and Notre Dame do have full rides if you’re lucky enough, but Notre Dame isn’t accredited either-anyone know about their MAster’s program?

iii. Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of UIC, UIC-UC, and U. Cin.? ok, and any of the other programs-NDame, RIT, IIT

iv. I’m guessing Syracuse closed it’s doors on their MAster’s program? And someone mentioned UIChic. is reviewing their program now???

RIT has an 85% acceptance rate, I know that doesn’t tell a lot, but I don’t want to somewhere that will accept just anyone either. I’ve heard they are more on the technical side?

Or if anyone can mention a school that is good, but won’t put me twice as much in debt as I already am?

I will be visiting schools, but want to narrow it down some so I don’t have to go to all the schools that offer a Master’s in ID. And yes, I’ve read their sites many times now.



You dont need any more debt and you already have enough skills to do any kind of design - just think, before people didn’t go to college, yet these same mo-fo’s designed what you are using today.

how bt…asu…human factors…do check on the link mentioned below…might help…

me too ws in a similar situ sm time back…and cost ws a very imp factor …as i’m an international student…

carnegie mellon has a 1-year masters of product development – id, marketing, and engineering. you could check it out…

Not sure what “more on the tecnical side” is supposed to mean, but I was very happy with my undergraduate ID education at RIT. I consider RIT’s ID program to be one of the more practical/pragmatic programs in the NE IDSA district. Other schools always show off far out very creative projects which are cool, but not very practical or sensitive to real world marketing demands or manufactring constraints. My education there gave me the fundamentals to approach every design project in my corporate design jobs a true problem solving approach.

Project portfolio’s of RIT grads show practical solutions to today’s problems that take into considerations not only aesthetics, but true upfront research and a basic understanding of real world engineering and manufacturing constriants.

The ID dept also had close ties to local corporations such as Xerox, Fisher Price, Kodak and Gunlocke. I don’t know how much that has changed in the last 4 years with the old faculty being completely replaced.

RIT School of Arts and Crafts also consistenly produces awesome furniture designs as well from what I see from quarterly student exhibits. There is nothing stopping an ID student for taking SAC courses as electives.

I’d like to give you some information about the University of Cincinnati’s Graduate Degree Program.

I am currently an undergraduate, so this information is only of my own observation.

The graduate program at UC is basically an extension of the undergrad program. What I mean is that grad students take some of the same studios (for instance, transportation or furniture studio) that undergrads do. Usually more work is required of them (more sketches, etc.) but sometimes not. The fact that they take courses with undergraduate students makes some of them disappointed - they are basically getting undergraduate training. There are no graduate studios offered at UC - I think they have one or two courses devoted to their thesis and that’s it.

Our program is under developed. However, it is also growing so take that into consideration.