Pointers about Syracuse/RIT?

I’m flying to NY this next week (19-24) to check out RIT and Syracuse, and I was wondering if there was anyone who could show/tell me some insider information about either of the schools.
Nothing major, just restuarants, student hangouts, whether or not I should spend my hard earned cash going to such schools, etc.
Any info is welcomed!

what type of design do you want to do after school?

Straight up ID!

just wondering, RIT has a rep for teaching more from an “Institute of Technology” veiw point, Saracuse has more of a “University” perspective. I would throw an art school like Cleveland Institute of Art, College for Creative Studies, or Pratt into the mix so you can see all three approached first hand.

From someone who grew up in Newburgh and Poughkeepsie New York, upstate NY is no fun IMO. Some people love Albany though…

RIT has been making some changes to the program lately. Focus on user-centered design, a little green design, and generalities. Could use some focus on manufacturing techniques. Great resources available with other disciplines like engineering, school of american crafts, graphic design, etc. Also has some collaboritive projects with local corps like Kodak, Xerox, and Fisher-Price.

Not sure what this has to do with Albany, it’s about 3-4 hours away, and Syracuse isn’t that close to Albany either- would consider that more like central or downstate. Never thought Poughkeepsie was all that exciting either, no offense. A cool thing about upstate is that its close to Canada, Toronto about 2-3 hours away. NYC is a one hour plane ride direct to JFK (Jetblue rocks!).

Rochester also has a vibrant arts community, interesting architecture, thanks in part from generous early support from Mr. Eastman. The Park Ave area is really quite nice. Hope you like four seasons, because you get a little of each all year. :wink:

Do check out some other programs, talk to some STUDENTS when you get there, and check out the general area. Would also like to suggest Carnegie Mellon as a possiblity.

I went to Syracuse for ID. That was a few years back and I’m not sure who the current professors are (though I believe Don Carr is still there and he is great). That said, at the time, I found that it was a good balance of practical problem/form solving and conceptual thinking (though leaning towards more conceptual). If you are looking for a focused product design education I would think about another school.

As for Syracuse the town, yes, it isn’t a “happening” city. However, I believe there is plenty of time for that after college – NYC, Boston, Chicago, San Fran all have plenty of career opportunities. Syracuse provided a cool setting to learn…the university itself is very diverse and the communities are very strong and interesting (especially for a fairly shletered suburban whiteboy like I was) and the town is intersting in it’s state of post-industrial decline.

If you are in Syracuse visiting, just off of the campus is Marshall Street. That is the primary bar-hopping and general “fun” student area. In town is Armory Square, a re-built area of downtown with some good bars, restaurants and some shopping. Worth checking out.

Good luck.

I just graduated from syracuse ID in May. It is a five year program with the 5th year consisting of a thesis which is pretty unique. the prof.s focus a lot on concepts and thinking…there aren’t many classes on sketching, although you get a broad background in computer rendering and some graphic design. The prof.s are really cool and laid back and encourage a lot of designing just for the heck of it…and they always keep you posted on contests to enter and a ot of times use them as class projects to give you time to do your best.

it’s not an art center where you’re sketching your brains out [which is not bad], but you use your brain and research…everything else is just a tool to get your ideas out.

i chose syracuse because it was an art school in the middle of a cool university with awesome social activities, crazy sports, and the opportunity to take other classes [i.e. marketing, business, psych…anything!]…

of course i recommend it: but I’m a little biased.
oh, and bring your north face…it’s COLD!