website templates

is anyone familiar with this site?

they’ve got lots of cool, Flash-based website templates.

i did our website with some really simple Flash work so i can totally appreciate that what is being offered fairly technical in nature but also does have a bit of high-end appeal.

Um, wow. I mean, really wow. Really impressive stuff. I can’t even imagine how long it would take for me to create one of those sites in flash, and I feel like I’m pretty good with the program. They have some very advanced programmers doing those sites. Of course, then again, that’s their job. I just use it for my portfolio.

In any case, I wonder how easy it is to edit the FLA files to make them do what you want them to do. That’s sometimes the most difficult with Flash. You have motion tween symbols imbedded multiple times in one element, not to mention all of the crazy “load movies” and targets roaming around. It’s tricky stuff.

I saw one of the sites on there was $95. I think they should be charging way, way more than that. Then again, it’s not a completed website, just a template. A guide, not the finished product.

Really nice sites. I’ve been humbled.

yeah…i feel ya!

but my concern also was being able to edit / make changes and the like. i guess i could always just contact them and ask them myself but i was hoping to see if anyone had experience with them.

make some room on that humble bus for me.