Portfolio Website to Review

Thanks in advance for taking the time to review my site. I just finished a relatively small flash website for my portfolio work. www.jl-id.com

Any feedback, good and bad, is most certainly welcome.

good process. looks like solid design. Maybe animated gifs or embeddeded video can explain the mechanism in your faucet. The opening page is kinda weak. Try adjusting the levels on the images in the first entry page. Make the darks darker.
Photography on the chair project was good. I was not quite sure of the functionality of the concept s&G chair. Looks like you made a model of the Dupont chair. very nice, though it looks a little uncomfortable

Nice site… I like the fact that it’s not loaded with flash and superfluous animations. It’s bright and well presented. Comments:

1_ It’s not clear that there is more data on each of your projects by using the arrow buttons. I clicked on each of the horizontal icons and thought “that’s cool, but I want more pictures”… then I figured out that the arrows showed deeper content. Maybe a drop down menu or something.

2_ Spell check: “One handed opperations”. Nothing major.

Nice site.

Clean site layout, I also stumbled to find deeper content.

My biggest feedback is that there is a huge lack of process, you have some great glory shots of final projects, check. But most designers looking to hire someone on want to see a lot of sketching, problem solving, and form work. Beef it up bro.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I was kind of in a hurry to get the initial site up and running while I still had help from my instructor. I am working on adding some process sketches, etc. soon.

Would a page or two per project be adequate to show process in your opinion? I’m wondering how much more content I should add before people loose interest.

I have another question regarding my site. Do you think it is appropriate to have a full resume with my contact info as I have right now, and do you like the layout of the particular page? I’m a bit concerned that the graphic layout may have made it look too “busy”, but I didn’t want to leave a large area of blank space on the page either.

I recently had a chance to talk to two designers working for a small firm and they gave me a rather helpful piece of advice when they said they like to see resumes that are interesting. They said that even though they remember well the difficulty of landing a job, if they are bored by the resume they passed it over because it didn’t manage to grab their attention.

i think you should use this page as a reference