website feedback

hey everyone!!
I’ve been gone for long…but thats because i’d been working on thisssssss

I am halfway done…still need to add in-depth links to my projects in the portfolio section…
I’d appreciate some feedback.

i had a look at the link you gave of your folio website thing. personally, dont need to change anything it is perfect as it is. no problem with it. im currently doing my website for my folio. all that matters is is the folio work u show not how the website looks like. good work.

Thanks dreminangel!
I am currently working on adding pages to the links, so you will find more projects up soon.

Unique…it’s great…better than before …i would just add a way to go to the different sections without having to click te main portfolio button…and maybe a faster server to host it on.

I have some problems with the loading speed though… I’m on broadband, but the pages still comes out rather slow, and I could see the intro GIF’s segmented frames. The pictures which you used as pages were loading square by square too… not as pleasant as I’d like it to be.

Otherwise it’s fine. :slight_smile: Maybe it’s just my connection. did the rat bite some cable off …

Thanks you guys! Yeah I am working on my website building skills… Hopefully I can figure out a way to load the gifs/jpegs faster. And ofcourse, I still need to fix the choppiness between the frames for the animated gif…i realize that its a problem :exclamation:

okaayy…i finally added some sketches…really preliminary development ones…and a few more project details… will add more sketches in the miscellaneous section soon. check it out!! :wink: