My 1st website!

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a new website!

Please check it out:

Comments and suggestions welcome : )

Michael Leung

Hi there,

It would be fantastic if it were to be Flash.
It brings depth to your portfolio, and more ultra impressive.
You got great work.


Hi Ed,

Thanks for your comments.

I was playing with Flash originally, but I got confused with preloaders. I also want a site where people can take the images and text easily.

I think the one page website is too basic, but will do until I get better at Dreamweaver, or if I make enough money to get it done professionally!

Thanks again.


I like your site. Nice and simple (and it works). You’re a product designer, not a web designer. The only thing that I would add is another level of detail to your projects. I’d like to be able to click on the image and be given more detail about the parameters of the project, process sketches, etc… And don’t make your sketches so small that you can’t read them.

Thanks Clyde.

You’re right, I’m definitely not a web designer!

I think I should add more information to each project, but I don’t want it to look too student-ish, if you know what I mean. I’d like to think of my website as a website, and not an on-line portfolio. However, for projects that have only reached prototype stage, perhaps it would be better to add more info.

Thanks again.



Good work. Personally i hate flash, espically poorly made flash stuff. When i’m looking at designers to hire, i do not have all day waiting for a flash presentation to load.

I also like the layout, its different and all there. As they say you should not need to click more than 2 times/links to get where you want to go. People lose interest after that.


Ever thought of using CSS? Its simple and easy to learn, yet can add a nice dynamic to your page.

Agreed. CSS is a super simple way to learn code and keep with this idea of a simple layout design (ID not WD). If you stick with dreamweaver for a couple weeks its actually pretty easy to pickup.

Nice site by the way, simple and easy to navigate. Good points have been made about folio sites getting too deep in link levels. This site is all there, no cream fillin’ mmmm hmm


I love your quote 65mojoe!!