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Click on the pic on the right for an animation of how it unfolds.

So what do you think?

At first I thought it serves multiple functions, or that it converts from upright to canister mode, because its stored position looked purposeful, but to my disappointment, it’s simply a regular canister vac with fancy motions.

I thought, given my understanding of this design, this is crap.

First of all, why would I want to pay extra for that extra piece of plastic just to hold and store the hose? So that it looks good? Is that it?

Secondly, why would I want to spend the extra effort to fold and unfold the mechanism to work this damn product? What purpose does it serve?

Thirdly, it looks more like an industrial excavator and isn’t approachable at all. I don’t like using something like that in my house.

I think they are just too emersed in their world of Gandams and mobile suits.

for a second i thought steve jobs has come up with an ipod that shaves!

and industrial excavator… sounds like something that we NEED in our house.

Hell, besides equipment and engines, CAT markets boots, gloves, and sandals now, they might as well head indoors.

If it were YELLOW, with black trim, it would have much more credibility as a serious tool for the home … . :-]

I agree with your observations MolestedCow. However, I bet if we sent this in as an IDEA award nomination, it would score a gold award!

Well, I’m pleased to find the product to be just the one I imagined when I saw the topic. Ok, I examined this first hand in a local Japanese shop here in Nagoya. It has a compact size- for the Japanese home, mind you, not an American one. Is seems to be designed for dust only, with few parts in a cyclone-type filter inside the wheel.
(t also sports a brochure with some wee bit pretentious philosophy blah-blah.)

Concerning the “hate” for the folding mechanism it is more an attempt to make the oh-so-common-in-Japan vacuum handle more compact. It also shortens the tube needed, replacing it with the plastic handle. Holding it in your hand though, makes the plastic engineering of it seem hollow and bendable.
Examining the whole product makes me conclude that it’s a ipod-ish styled compact basic vacuum. Nothing more nothing less, but not deserving any extra “hate” either.

Pontusunger: Thanks for the first hand account. It certainly adds a little depth to our previous views based solely on the website and photos.

On a side note, if you see any interesting or strange products while in Japan, try to post a few here in the consumer products forums. It would give us all a bit of inspiration I think.

Sure will! No -prob.

But what do you guys want? There are simply to much to chose from! Designer goods? Lamps? Phones? Maybe Toys? Ugly things? Beautiful design?

Just give me a hint and I will be the “Japanese Connection”!