HOOVER Such a petty move by a historic respectful company

You lost me.

Are you talking abou the Fusion?

Hey FU, thats my grandmother.

If i worked at hoover, i would probably talk sh*t about dyson as well. I would like to see figures on the two companies. Has Dyson been blowing Hooverz out of the water? I guess if marketing cant do their job, you go to textbook recess edicate, make fun of the other kid. Hoover marketing shouldnt have too tuff of a time selling their products. The name alone sells. “hoover”, its a household name, IT represent vacuuming. Lets line them up on a wall and throw rocks at them.

Funny thing is they try to trash the “style” side of Dyson, and they simply copy it…
Rather sad.

hahaa that is just ridiculous.

i worked on vacuums not long ago. the whole “cyclonic” thing is funny to me. anyone can do it basically. it’s just forcing air to swirl around and let centrifugal force throw out dirt. Dyson just staged it iirc. like air ejectors using nozzles to drop pressure in big turbine systems. so Dyson didn’t invent the concept. just re-applied it.

haven’t paid attention to those things lately but he should trademark a new name. like “Staged Cyclonics”. of course Hoover or someone else would probably pull a marketing stunt. trademark a worthless term like “Parallel Cyclonics”. who needs innovation?! just invent and trademark new phrases and confuse consumers.

reminds me of Seth Godin’s entry on marketing being about Stories. kinda sad in some ways.

Where are the niche market vacuums? I own a Korean LG vac that looks like a jelly bean. I don’t like the looks, but it slightly beats a Dyson, which I really don’t like (although I have alot of respect for him and his product). Where is a nice clean iPod looking vacuum?

After I typed that, I laughed at myself too.

the last thing we need is an ipod vacuum. jesus christ!


where to begin?

nope…I’m finally speechless

Can you post a link to your LG vac? Thnx.

I had no idea my vacuum could make me look good!!

That’s awsome!!

I wonder…if I strap one on like a backpack, would the ladies be like putty in my hands??


This one:

It was sold as Kenmore in the states, but it’s from Korea. I’m fairly certain it is an LG.

It’s not a total jelly bean, but that’s what I would call the aesthetic concept. The canister is all rounded, and with the translucent blue top it looks a little candy like, or toy-like.

I’m certainly embaressed over wanting an iPod vacuum now, I even posted anonymously before Mr-914 turns red. I think I’d like a Bosch or Braun vacuum. I just like modernism:/

I kind of like this series from Electrolux.
I can’t find a picture of the exact one I’m looking for, but the looks is similar to this.

What’s funny is that in the UK “hoover” is a synonym for vacuum, like “kleenex” is in the US for tissues. “I’ve got to do the hoovering.” When Dyson entered, Hoover’s market share in the UK went from 25% to 10%, and Dyson’s went from 0% to 50%. Hoover also lost a suit a few years ago for infringing one of Dyson’s patents.

They should have had the chick at the end say, “My vacuum’s a Hoover, and it really sucks.”

“that” beats a Dyson in aesthetics???
That is an i.mac sort of thing for christ’s sake…not that i love Dyson’s design, but it does have more character than most of the rest.

Would you care for this then :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer the bean vac to my vac, but I don’t like that aesthetic. The bean vac is detailed better, although I’m sure you would have to change parts to make it cheaper to make.

I think nearly anything beats the Dyson aesthetic. It looks like a brightly colored rocket. In person, I was quite disappointed with the Dyson, it is made of the same kind of plastic as anyother vacuum, which is durable, but always looks cheap to me. I’ll have to take another look when I am in the US again. I only spent about 2 minutes going over the Dyson last christmas at my parents. Perhaps I missed something.

Personally I’m holding out for the Vaccum cell phone.

Why hasn’t anyone made a vac with noise cancellation? Or has it been done?

Hoover made a vac with ‘Hush Mode’ - they had a commercial with mom sweeping the carpet while dad and baby napped on the couch…I guess it didnt sell.