The Fluid Ribbon Chair

I designed a chair that attempts to communicate movement and flow while sitting. It feels incredible! I am in the process of producing it in several materials…stay tuned…

…and now in bamboo…

and now on Kickstarter: THE FLUID RIBBON CHAIR *FIRST RUN BAMBOO* by Michael d'Amato — Kickstarter

Here is a series of images that shows the whole development process.

and now on Kickstarter:


Call it a “project” if you want to. If you do, then post your supporting development sketches, etc. CORE is a website for designers and we love to see that kind of stuff.

But as it stands, this is purely a promotional sales pitch, and in violation of CORE Discussion Board Posting Standards

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I’m willing to let this stand until 7 November, 2012, unless we can see some development work associated with it. I will delete it after that date.

Thank you.