Task Chair Rendering - NEEDS FEED BACK!

Good afternoon Boys and Girls,

I am working on some renderings for a client who manufactures designer office chairs. The design is simple, but the purpose is to showcase the materiality. My objective is a sleek, clean, elegant rendering that compliments the form but also texture of the piece. Please let me know what you think?
This is a Pro/E Rhino creation and then rendered with the VRAY plugin. It’s lite by three large panel lights in a white “dish” background.




did you just post client work that is currently in development?
If you did and you are not sure if it is public, I would strongly advice to take it down.


It’s not in development. It’s a China chair. We are just providing multiple rendered views in competition with a photographer to showcase the material options. You’re quick though.

From a rendering/presentation point of view, I think they’re very well done.

I agree, the rendering looks good.
However, I feel that a good photo, especially in situ, will always trump a rendering, no matter how well it is done.

Renderings for me are only preferably within furniture for assembly animation, exploded view or when a prototype is just darn to expensive and time consuming to get done for a photo.

For me, the hot spot on the left side of the second picture is a little too hot. I stare at it instead of the chairs.

Ditto. It’s an odd large white blob engrossing the image. I’d knock that down (pre or post, either way)