Updated Project.

Hey creatives!

I updated a past project from school and would love to know what you think!



I updated a past project from school …

Updated? From what? I think I would like to see the original work; what was the motivation and how did this project evolve?

A rather disjointed presentation to me.

And who’s Beth?

Definitely would benefit the project to see someone / two people sitting in the actual chair as well - very important in understanding exactly how the interaction would take place and how things like proximity/gesture/posture play out when it is in form1 versus form2.

Cool work!

The monolith front leg violates the first law of ergonomics, the most comfortable position is the next one.

How do I bend my knees more than 90 degrees so my feet are under the front edge of the seat?

I hope for everyone’s sake Kim is heavier than Ben.

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