Stoddard Design... crossfire designer's portfolio

wasn’t sure where to post this, but thought it was cool and that you might like to check it out.

You know something Yo- this is super cool. Besides what he actually output’s being cool… the thought of knowing that maybe all the handwork people (myself included) do… that someday, we could just do things that we love doing.

There’s another big site for vehicle design portfolios and stuff:

I know you didn’t mean for this to turn this around to you, but the fact you (and others like you) come on a general site and offer tips, tricks and such- is pretty nice bro.Not to mention you do some nice work yourself from time to time.

Personally, I have always considered transportation design, footwear design, and hand held electronics crap, as the pinnacle of what we do. Not to mention that some of the proportions sometimes are similar, expected user reaction and interaction being relative and such.

I wish there were more places or opportunities to see the work of the people most of us wish to be. J Mays gets a ton of pub these days with his “Retrofuturism” exhibit a few years back. But for the most part, the only way we get close to even knowing the names of these designers, is by holding the shoes on the sales floor.

Now we know who is responsible for the Hyundai Elantra. Somehow, the sketches look super cool. What the hell happened in production? Well, actually I can see what happened. The greenhouse expanded and the factory replaced the 18" rims with 14". Didn’t work.

What a site though. I feel like sending an application to Mc Donalds now. I’m not worthy.