some stuff for you to peep on...

I just got the inside scoop that Wired magazine will feature an article on the Tango ( in their upcoming December issue. I’ve been fanatically obsessed with this car since the first time I saw a blurb on it in Popular Science in February 2003.

I’ve got an expandable folder full of Tango ideation sketches but here’s a link to my faves posted online which I update as time permits:


That is one tough proportion to design around.

Nice job integrating the stock parts, usually where this type of thing falls apart. You’ve speced some good choices that match your aesthetic, Grand Cherrokee tail lamps (or is that an isuzu rodeo part), looks like GM door handles, headlamps from the Chevy Avalanche? and is that a custom front repeater lamp? Antera wheels? Not many people realize there is a simialr thing in footwear, specing little eyelets, and parts that can ruin a good design if it’s not done right.

anyway, nice job pulling it all together. It’s nice to see some more groups trying to break the seemingly fixed paradigms in that industry.