shado design

Found myself browsing around on this homepage for quite a while, stumbled upon it from google images.

A lot of old stuff which is pretty neat to see. But horrible homepage design. I had a hard time judging if they are actually still active, but it seems so since theyve had their fingers in some of the newer volvo designs.

You people might already know about them but I never heard of them.


Bjorn: Thanks for the link. You are spot on about that website…painful. I love all of the renderings, models, photos etc. Really excellent content.

makes me think about another SHADO

It’s amazing the work that’s on that Shado web site… thanks for posting, it’s great to see

Well thank you all for your comments … we are about to update the website, since we are now back in full operation … the back catalogue will remain in place … with a new set of home pages & layout

Steve Harper

Would be cool if you guys could increase the size of the images a bit. Especially some of the hand renderings are extremely small. Thanks!