DesignerTechniques competition 3

Hi everybody, Just wanted to let you all know that has launched their third design competition. With a whole selection of prizes from letraset (including a good selection of their Tria markers) as well as author signed copies of DesignSketching. The winners will also have their work featured in commercial motor magazine. Perhaps the best prize though is that the winner will be invited to send their entire portfolio to Kristofer Hansen, Design Chief at Scania Design, for some personal feedback advice and guidance.

As you may have guessed the brief involves designing a truck (lorry, HGV, wagon or Big Rig depending on where you live). Apart from that the brief is pretty open…and has a twist as well.

Hope its of interest, and we look forward to seeing your entries!!

The closing date is 31st March 2009, so get over to to find out more.


Does it have to be the entire truck? I’m working on a project that develops aerodynamic add ons for existing tractors… is turning out pretty cool so far. Would this be a viable entry? I’m doing research, aero research, sketching, modeling, rendering, and animations.

Hi cash68…sorry for taking so long to reply. Of course feel free to submit anything you have worked on. I do suggest however that it would be good if you could do some additional work to align what you have done to fit the brief. Sounds like an interesting project. A large part of the judging will centre on how you interpret the brand you have chosen, so of course it would be good to have some work on that.

In any case, i look forward to seeing your work.