South Korea expects Internet to spread fragrance

Conceptual wise, it’s not new, just like wireless power transfer. But to make it a reality will be pretty amazing.

Actually, just a scent generator is amazing enough. For couples living far apart from each other, one can release the perfume or shampoo that the other uses to simulate the “presence” of each other. Kids can do the same when they miss their parents.

and you can send farts to your enemies

Bbarn, in my family we call those grenades. Cuff it, close it, and smack it in their face. Pretty immature, but always funny to catch someone off guard.

I suppose there will be a blocker that prevents certain mocular structures to be formed, or else we can take out enemies with just an email.

The more I think about it your right on the molecular structure blocker. Terrorist could send anything through as an email.

The next market would be to develop a Anti-virus software for the potentially hazardous if not fatal emails containing these dirty bombs.

Before you know it, everyone will be back to wearing the old school gas masks in front of their computers.

From helping a child miss his family to gasing enemies… hooray for humanity!