The babe from the “hug-able” t shirt takes my breath away, and the silver material applied to shoes, advertised in the main page looks like duct tape.

I thought you said “baby”, which led me to think about parents giving hugs to their babies through that shirt, which IMO is pretty screwed up. What will the baby grow up to become without much real physical + emotional contact? If everything can be “substituted” with artifical means of contact, then there really isn’t no need for each other’s presence.

That is a scary thought, man.
Anyhow I was talking about the girl, look at that waist.

But then again there is too much blabla in this concept, I don’t really buy it.

Why are people still looking into this remote hug thing?

It has already mained many as thesis projects.

Is it about the need to be touched by someone else? I can understand that, but why recreate it? I’d make it a sensation that you can only get from technology- maybe an ‘itcher’ shirt, cool for your wife, heat for your lover.

Seems to me that this is another way that design can make like boring.

etc etc etc.

i suppose it might be better than x’s and o’s, but i can just imagine the next level of this concept…

how much $$ are we gonna be charged per hug we send? :confused:

do we get free nights and weekends??

That depends on whether it’s a normal hug, or a French hug.
I would typically say 50c a Hug, and 1$ a Frenchie, plus 50c connexion charge.

I think I’ll hug a stranger if I need it that bad :smiley:

I can see it now “Baby, how come you never send me hugs anymore? all my ex-boyfreinds send me hugs!!”