Sneaker Design Books

Sorry if this has already been posted but are there any good books on sneaker design? More on the tip of the inspiriation, concept work, and mock ups that go into a sneaker before they go into production.

I was going to buy Karin Glarner’s book, “Sneakers” online but haven’t really seen the content. Anyone got some suggestions? Thanks - Hajime

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Thanks for the response Tom. I’m definetly going to cop this.

Does anyone know of any books geared towards designers? That’s what I’m on the hunt for. - Hajime

not really anything of my knowledge…

Best bet would be to do the kicksguide comp, great site for aspiring footwea designers with a great and helpful forum to discuss techniques etc

Not really any geared toward footwear designers, but some with a few good insights:

Driven from Within: Michael Jordan (lots of Tinker sketches)
The Sneaker Book: Melissa Cardona (good history)
The Sneaker Book (same title dif book)put out by Boot-Clibborn editions

Thanks Yo, I will look into these books. Im trying to find something that shoes what a designer’s job entails, what they do at work, what their design process is, etc.

Tom, yea KG is a good source and I am on it all the time. Pietro’s March Madness shoes are off the hook!!!

I don’t know if you will find that, but feel free to post up any questions and I’m sure you will get some answers.

anything specific you are looking for?

I have lots about the process, materials, production ,etc. on my blog,

but if there’s more i can help with, let me know.